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Dr Sandeep. V.M.
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He started his career as a lecturer at K.B.N.College of Engg. , Gulbarga, in the year 1988. He taught almost all subjects of ECE.He was very active in students project work and was responsible for many batches win State level awards.Then after completing his M.E., he was promoted as Assistant Professor in 2001 and assigned to lead the Information Science & Engg. Department as Head.The department was developed under his leadership.Athe projects of final year students of IS&E we are guided by him single-handed.

In the year 2007, he shifted to Department of ECE, Jaya Prakash Narayan College of Engg., Mahabubnagar, as Professor & Head. He organized a 3 days workshop on Signal Processing.In 2009, he has guided athe 32 projects single-handed. In 2010, he has conducted a workshop for newly added "Simulation Laboratory" by JNTUH. More than 150 faculty members of the neighboring colleges participated and were very much benefited. In the year 2012, he was shifted to Department of CSE as Professor & Head. He is very active in guiding students in their project works, building programming skills. In 2016, he has conducted a 3 days workshop on programming skills development for the students of CSE, ECE, EEE and Mech students which was very much useful in their campus selection.







Gulbarga University, Gulbarga

B.E. (ECE)



Gulbarga University, Gulbarga

M.E. (CSE)



Visveswarayya Technological University, Belgaum


Faculty of Electrical & Electronics Engineering Sciences

Oct. 2011


In the year 2004, he registered himself as a research scholar under the guidance of Dr. Subhash Kulkarni in the field of Image Processing and Pattern Recognition under Visveswaraya Technological University, Belgaum, Karnataka. During his tenure of research, has participated in many International Conferences as an author and also a reviewer.He goes this Doctorate on the thesis titled "Effective Level Sets and Shapes Detection: An application to Natural Images" in the year 2011.


He is areas of specialization: Image, Signal & Speech Processing, Pattern Recognition, Object Recognition, Machine Learning, Algorithms, Data structures, Project planning, Network security.


Subjects taught: Algorithms, Datastructures ,Networksecurity, DBMS, FLAT, CO, CD, OS, Image Processing & Patern recognition,Operations Research,Embedded Systems.


He is an active searcher with 14 International Conference papers and 12 International Journal papers to his name. He has guided more than 150 projects under UG and more than 50 PG thesis.He is currently guiding one research scholar for Ph.D.


He is Reviewer for

1.Pattern Recognition Letters(PRL)

2.International Journal of Speech Technology

 3.Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems

He is Member of Editorial Board of the Journal Machine Learning Research

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Jaya Prakash Narayan College of Engineering was established in the year 1997 by experienced academicians and industrialists.

The college is continuously supported by a group of technocrats and is guided by renowned professors and administrators.

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